Author: Jane Painter

November 29, 2017|Reports

“Once Upon a Time in Wickham” by David Warwick

Just under 60 members and visitors came to hear David Warwick share his boyhood memories of Wickham and its people.  David, a retired author of 40+ academic books and just one novel (“Chorus Endings” partially based in Wickham but with a changed name), is a member of the well-known Wickham family. Dorothy, his mother, was…

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November 1, 2017|Reports

“SS London” by Simon Wills

51 members and visitors were treated to an well-researched and enthralling account of the loss of this Victorian ship,  given by Simon Wills, a maritime genealogist. In 1866 the London was a modern ‘luxury’ vessel, travelling from London to Australia with 269 persons on board plus substantial cargo. The SS London was a “hybrid” at…

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October 1, 2017|News

WHS at the Taste of Wickham 2017

Wickham History Society joined  “Taste of Wickham” again this year with a display celebrating the ‘Butchers of Wickham’. Did you know we can trace the first known butcher in Wickham back to 1398 ? He was called John Boucher (John the Butcher)! There has been a butcher’s shop where Meon Valley Butcher’s is today for…

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May 29, 2017|Reports

Wickham History Society: Annual Report 2016 -2017  

Chair’s Introduction: A written report, in addition to the financial report, is an innovation but there have been many activities which merit a report.  We hope that you might want to get involved with some of the projects and contribute to or use our archives and website. Do encourage others to join the Society too….

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April 30, 2017|Reports

“20 Million Bricks: History of Brickmaking & of Bursledon Brickworks” – Carolyne Haynes

Our talk on April 4th to 48 members and visitors was given by Dr Carolyne Haynes, a retired architect, who has spent the past five years becoming ‘passionate about bricks’ and helping Bursledon Brickworks in its objective to become the country’s leading brick museum and award winning example of industrial archaeology. The first part of…

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May 31, 2016|Reports

“Akenhaten: Heretic King?” – Mike Hollis

Mike Hollis, local Wickham historian and Egyptologist, gave a fascinating talk to twenty four members of the History Society on Egypt’s ‘Heretic Pharaoh’. Akenhaten ruled for just seventeen years, but in that short time he created a new state religion, built a new capital and lost an empire. Akenhaten ruled during the Egyptian New Kingdom…

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April 30, 2016|Reports

Female lnebriates in Victorian England – Jane Fox

What a title! ln a change from our published programme, Jane Fox, an expert local genealogist, spoke of coming across a mysterious house on the same street while studying her own family history. Number 99 Southam Street in North Kensington had a matron, a deputy matron and 9 ‘inmates’. lt was the Victorian equivalent of today‘s…

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May 31, 2015|Reports

“Who was Henry Cort?” – Harvey Griffiths

Harvey Grifiiths presented a fascinating talk on Henry Cort (1740-1800) of Fontley lronworks. Did you know the metal sculptures in West Street Fareham celebrate his achievements? Yet although Henry Cort created new iron finishing processes that helped quadruple the production of iron in Britain, he was disgraced and bankrupted by the Government and when he…

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