September 10, 2023|Local People | Personal memories

Ron Burt – Looking after St. Nicholas churchyard and other memories

Ron is in his eighties and has lived in Wickham since the age of three. He has always been involved with St. Nicholas Church, later looking after the churchyard and also reading lessons. Ron still opens the church each day. Following the Canadian Pipe Band During the war there was a Canadian pipe band based…

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February 18, 2023|Buildings | Local People | Personal memories

A Farming Life – Memories of farming at Great Fontley Farm

Great Fontley Farm, Titchfield Lane, Wickham  – a Grade II listed building dating back to the 16th century Jenny Mallett has lived at Great Fontley Farm, on Titchfield Lane, most of her life – these are some of her memories of her family’s time farming and living there. “My parents (Commander Harold  & Betty Dickson)were…

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April 25, 2022|History

Wickham Manor Court

Between 2017-19 a small group of Wickham History Society volunteers, led by Jim Coleman, took on the translation of Latin documents about Wickham held at the Hampshire Record Office, which include these two Wickham Manor court records dating from 1697 and 1698 – the oldest surviving complete records. WHAT DO THESE WICKHAM MANOR COURT TRANSLATIONS…

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February 6, 2022|Local People | People

Joseph Ratty – A man of good character

In 2021, Sandie Vigar was looking through books belonging to her late mother-in-law and came across a Book of Common Prayer that had been presented to a Joseph Ratty in 1854.  Although no definite connection with the family has been established, Sandie passed the book to Wickham History Society to ask in their best David…

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June 28, 2021|Knowle

Knowle Hospital Farm

Knowle Estate When Knowle Hospital opened on 13 December 1852 the estate was 105 acres of land stretching from near Wickham to Funtley on both sides of the River Meon.  The land included woodland, meadow, grazing and pasture. In 1898 the London and South West Railway (LSWR) purchased 7 acres of land from Knowle for…

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June 28, 2021|Buildings | History

Wickham National School, 1883-1916 – Events & Absences

There is much evidence in the school log-books emphasising the rural community around the town. Absenteeism is brought about by children following rural pursuits. December 23rd 1908. `Many children rendered themselves late for afternoon school by following the hounds in the near neighbourhood’.  Children were often away fruit picking, hop picking, gathering acorns and fallen…

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June 28, 2021|Buildings | History

Wickham National School, 1883-1916 – Facilities

The school log books record a lot of information on school facilities and equipment. Perhaps reflecting headmaster William Langford’s recent arrival in Wickham, there is quite a lot of detail on supplies and suppliers in 1883.  A tin of disinfecting powder was received from Mr Snowdon, chemist (June 12th); a new dustpan for school use…

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November 25, 2020|People | Personal memories

Helen Talbot – Growing up in Hundred Acres in the 40s and 50s

I lived in Hundred Acres from 1944 till 1964 when I left to study in Edinburgh.  My parents were born in Portsmouth and spent most of the war years in the New Forest while my father taught the children from his school who were evacuated from Portsmouth.  Later, he was moved to the Spitfire factory…

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August 22, 2020|Buildings

The story of The Upper House and The Lower House

The Upper and The Lower Houses are two fine but very differently presented Georgian fronted houses on Winchester Road, Wickham.  The Upper House, opposite the Buddens Road junction, is now part of Upper House Court, while The Lower House is located just below the road entrance to Upper House Court. The history of the two…

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July 22, 2020|Local People | Personal memories | Second World War | Wartime Wickham

Joan Dennis – Living in Wickham, working in Portsmouth

My grandfather, Mr Bailey, was headmaster of Wickham School before the first World War – he died in 1921. However by the time the Second War started, I was in my last year at school, having been at school in Wickham, then Fareham, and Hilsea.  The whole school at Hilsea was evacuated to Leigh Park…

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