October 30, 2018|Reports

“Salisbury – A Tale of Two Cities (Part 2)” by Andrew Negus

On 23rd October 53 members and guests of Wickham History Society had another barnstorming talk from Andrew Negus – his ‘Part 2’ of the history of Salisbury, following his very well received talk last year.

We first ‘finished off’ the cathedral, learning and seeing more about the magnificent decorative stone and wood carvings and also mysteries like the tomb of the ‘Boy Bishop’.

Then Andrew took us out of the cathedral to see more of this fascinating town.

Salisbury was designed on a medieval grid pattern that originally included a network of canals to provide water and drainage. Although these did not survive, the streets have and they are still named after the original trades and guilds. Salisbury has a great wealth of surviving medieval buildings, and many of these are located in the most surprising places, including the Odeon and the Debenhams café !

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