August 31, 2018|News

Summer Visits to Salisbury and Titchfield

The first of our summer visits was an early evening walk around Titchfield on the evening 5th June led by Brian Barrett, discovering its early origins, wonderful houses and early importance – including a royal marriage.

Our second summer visit was to Salisbury. Andrew Negus took us on a tour of the Cathedral and its environs. He showed us some wonderful, and quirky, examples of the medieval masons and carpenters work. He also arranged access to a privately owned medieval hall in the Close which was a great end to a fascinating walk.

We visited re-visited Titchfield for the last of our summer outings. With Brian Barrett unfortunately indisposed, Andrew Negus guided this visit.

After visiting the church and village centre, we explored Titchfield Abbey. Our afternoon culminated at the 15th century Great Barn where we we lucky to meet Kevin, one of the Titchfield Theatre organisers, who gave an impromptu talk on Shakespeare and his connections to Titchfield and the Earl of Southampton.

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