Author: Jane Painter

August 31, 2018|News

Summer Visits to Salisbury and Titchfield

The first of our summer visits was an early evening walk around Titchfield on the evening 5th June led by Brian Barrett, discovering its early origins, wonderful houses and early importance – including a royal marriage. Our second summer visit was to Salisbury. Andrew Negus took us on a tour of the Cathedral and its…

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May 31, 2018|Reports

Wickham History Society: Annual Report 2017 – 2018

Chair’s Introduction: We hope that you might want to get involved with some of the projects listed below and contribute to or use our archives and website. Do encourage others to join the Society too. We are pleased with our new logo and hope you are too ! Membership, Talks, Walks and Summer Visits Last…

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May 31, 2018|Reports

“Art, History and Toothache” – Iain Laws

After training as a maxillofacial surgeon, Iain’s interest in art related to the subject was awakened by seeing a classical sculpture of St. John in Prague – the Saint was holding what appeared to be a painful face. Iain followed this with pictures of sculptures, paintings and drawings from the 16th century onwards, showing patients…

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April 30, 2018|Reports

“Beverley Babes” by Jane Painter

On April 24th, the society’s Secretary, Jane Painter, gave us a very well researched talk on the subject of the ‘Beverley Babes’. ‘Beverley’ is a substantial Georgian house, lying along the Southwick Road a short way from the Church crossroads. Beverley’s spacious grounds are open to the public every summer for the annual Church Fete….

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March 31, 2018|Reports

“Salisbury – A Tale of Two Cities” by Andrew Negus

On March 27, over sixty members and guests were treated to very well presented and researched talk by Andrew Negus. Around 400 BC a hill fort was built, roughly oval in shape, about 400m in length and 2 miles north of present day Salisbury. It was known as Old Sarum (from Searoburh meaning fortress) with…

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February 28, 2018|Reports

“Outshuts and Catslides (or where to keep the fridge freezer)” by Liz Lewis

At our February meeting, 71 members and guest were treated to an in-depth review of medieval and historic houses in the area by Liz Lewis, a long-time local resident and previous Curator of Winchester City Museum.  Her research started about 50 years ago when she first came to Wickham.  One objective of this research was…

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February 19, 2018|News

The Wickham History Boards project is under way!

Wickham History Society, working with Wickham Parish Council, has secured Heritage Lottery Funding for the installation of History Boards around Wickham and a digital QR trail, allowing smartphone users to see more information on key buildings and sites as they walk around the village. The boards and QR trail will be in place by January…

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January 31, 2018|Reports

“Suffragettes” by Paul King

Fifty nine Wickham History Society Members and Visitors came to our January talk celebrating the 100th Anniversary of women getting the vote in 1918. We all think we know that the suffragettes won women the vote at the end of the Great War – but Paul King, a local historian and dramatist demonstrated that a little…

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December 19, 2017|Reports

“Pantomime and the Role of the Dame” by John Pitman

There was a very full house for the joint Wickham Society / Wickham History Society Christmas meeting on December 5th. The evening began with a presentation to Maggie and David Smith who are moving to be nearer their family.   Maggie has fulfilled the role of Treasurer of the History Society for over 15 years with…

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November 29, 2017|News

Summer Visit to Little Woodham

Wickham History Society joined with Wickham Society to enjoy a combined summer outing. We visited the Little Woodham Living History Experience, a 17th century village at Gosport. The villagers were pleased to tell us about their way of life and demonstrate their skills – the potter, blacksmith, weaver, lacemaker, herbalist, innkeeper, and the scribe.  …

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