Welcome to Wickham History Society

Wickham History Society is an active and friendly voluntary civic organisation founded in January 1960 that exists to:

  • Gather information about the history of Wickham and help make it available to all who are interested.
  • Promote the preservation of old buildings, monuments, records, maps and traditions of Wickham.
  • Foster interest in Wickham’s history and historical research through this website and through publications, and by arranging lectures, visits and exhibitions.
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2000 years of history in one attractive Hampshire village.

Upcoming Meetings


On Tuesday 26th November local historian Mike Hollis introduced us to Admiral Thomas Cochrane – Lord Tom Cochrane – three times an Admiral, who, in real life, actually did the daring deeds – and more – of those fictional heroes of the days of sail, Horatio Hornblower and Jack Aubrey. The meeting report will be available soon.

We conclude our Autumn programme on a sweet note – Marmalade.

At our joint meeting with the Wickham Society on Tuesday 10th December we will hear what gifts we may have – or not! – received in Cheryl Butler’s talk Marmalade, Spuds & A Bag of Gold: Gift Giving in Tudor Southampton.

As this is our Christmas meeting, please bring festive nibbles to share!

Please note this is the second Tuesday of the month.

The full 2019/2020 programme can be viewed under Meetings.

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