Welcome to Wickham History Society

Wickham History Society is an active and friendly voluntary civic organisation founded in January 1960 that exists to:

  • Gather information about the history of Wickham and help make it available to all who are interested.
  • Promote the preservation of old buildings, monuments, records, maps and traditions of Wickham.
  • Foster interest in Wickham’s history and historical research through this website and through publications, and by arranging lectures, visits and exhibitions.
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2000 years of history in one attractive Hampshire village.

Upcoming Meetings


Our 2019-2020 programme was launched on Tuesday 24th September with a talk by Cotswold Archaeology on the recent Archaeological Excavations in Wickham and their findings to date. A meeting report will be published shortly.

Our Autumn programme was advertised as Mud, Murder, Mayhem and Marmalade. Following on from Mud, we now move to Murder!

On Tuesday 22nd October retired detective, criminologist and crime historian Paul Stickler explores the detail behind one of the most fascinating cases in criminal history.

Body Overboard – The Murder of an English Actress tells the tale of the 1947 disappearance of the actress Gay Gibson on a ship bound for Southampton from Cape Town. We follow the last known movements of the victim and explore the account provided by the man tried for her murder and his extraordinary behaviour in throwing her body overboard through a cabin porthole. The trial of the first class deck steward has a fascinating aftermath and the talk includes information believed not previously revealed in the public domain.

The full 2019/2020 programme can be viewed under Meetings.

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