Welcome to Wickham History Society

Wickham History Society is an active and friendly voluntary civic organisation founded in January 1960 that exists to:

  • Gather information about the history of Wickham and help make it available to all who are interested.
  • Promote the preservation of old buildings, monuments, records, maps and traditions of Wickham.
  • Foster interest in Wickham’s history and historical research through this website and through publications, and by arranging lectures, visits and exhibitions.
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2000 years of history in one attractive Hampshire village.

Upcoming Meetings


Our in-person meetings resumed in September with the first talk by Andrew Negus, historian and blue badge guide, who gave the second talk in his series on the development of Portsmouth covering the period 1800-1870. The meeting report is now available.

The 2021-22 Programme is now available to view.

NEXT MEETING is on Tuesday 26 October when Dr John Mcaleer’s talk The East India Company: The corporation that changed the world will chart the growth of the company from its modest origins as a small Elizabethan trading venture, into a global empire. It is a story of wealth, power, and the pursuit of fortune. But it is also one of conflict, conquest, and piracy on the high seas; politics, intrigue, and ruthlessness on land.

Latest Publication

Published to celebrate the Society’s 60th anniversary, Images of Wickham is full of fascinating photographs, from views of The Square and Bridge Street, to recognisable buildings such as Chesapeake Mill and The Barracks, along with day to day scenes of village life, local businesses and celebrations.

For details on how to obtain your copy at a fantastic price of £5 please visit the publications page.

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