Wickham History Society holds meetings at 7.30 pm on the fourth Tuesday of the month. Our programme includes a variety of guest speakers who cover both local history and wider history topics. We also organise visits to places of interest in the Summer.

The annual charge for Membership is £8pp. Guests are welcome to attend meetings for £2.50pp.

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28 September 2021 – Andrew Negus
Harlots, Dung and Glory: History of Portsmouth Part 2
Portsmouth’s history is closely related to the growth of the Royal Navy and the Navy’s part in making the UK the most powerful country in the world by 1900. We will be introduced to some of the many characters who have been involved in Portsmouth’s history including murderers, harlots, and the inventor of the umbrella. Kings, queens, admirals, authors, and actors will entertain us with their appearances. In this talk, we will cover the period 1800-1870

Please note: Programme subject to change depending on availability of speakers.

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