June 20, 2016|Naval connections

Admiral Thomas Revell Shivers

Admiral Thomas Revell Shivers was born in 1751 and died in Wickham on 1 June 1827, aged 76. He was buried in St Nicholas churchyard on 8 June 1827. According to the 1839 Tithe Map and the 1841 census, Shivers’ widow, Mary, was a landowner and lived in Havelock house. Mary Shivers was born Mary South….

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June 12, 2016|First World War | Local People | Military connections | Wartime Wickham

Gallipoli – The Wickham Connection

The eight-month campaign which took place between 25 April 1915 – 9 January 1916 on the Gallipoli peninsula in the Ottoman Empire. It was one of the Allies’ great disasters of the Great War. As the war began, fighting was primarily on two fronts – the Western and Eastern Fronts. In November 1914, Winston Churchill, First Lord of the Admiralty,…

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March 20, 2016|Local People | Personal memories

Alfred Stubbington – Market Gardener

Born in 1888, Alfred had a piece published in The Grower’s Gazette in 1949 in which he described the history of Hundred Acres hamlet. Alfred Stubbington was a market gardener of Wickham Parish, an industry important to the area in days gone by. In 1949, he had published the following article in The Growers Gazette: On or about the…

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February 19, 2016|Notable people

Sir Henry Alexander Wickham

Sir Henry Alexander Wickham took rubber seeds from Brazil to Kew from where the Indonesian rubber production industry was founded. He is buried in St Nicholas Churchyard. Read the story of Henry Wickham.

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February 9, 2016|Local People | Notable people

Dame Dorothy Mary Donaldson – First Female Lord Mayor  of London

Dame Dorothy Mary Donaldson, nurse, arbitrator, administrator, philanthropist and highly respected politician, philanthropist, was born August 29 1921 and died October 4 2003 aged 82. Born Dorothy Mary Warwick – although she preferred to be called Mary – in Wickham, in what is now Warwick Lane shopping arcade, she was the daughter of an ironmonger and his school-teacher wife. She attended…

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William of Wykeham

February 3, 2016|Notable people

William of Wykeham – Chancellor of England

Born in 1324 near Wickham Village of humble yet honourable parents, William rose to become the most powerful man in England after the King. William of Wykeham

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January 7, 2016|Notable people

Henry Lutterloh – The Spy of Wickham

A resident of Wickham who was tried, along with Francis de la Motte, at the Old Sessions House in 1784 on a charge of High Treason. The story of Henry Lutterloh

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