October 31, 2022|Reports

“More Harlots, less Dung and plenty of Glory?: The history of Portsmouth – Part 3” – Andrew Negus

Andrew Negus returned for a stonking part 3 of his history of Portsmouth, covering the glory days of Portsmouth’s dockyard and the town in the nineteenth and early twentieth century. Sixty-one members and guests heard how the introduction of proper sewers saved hundreds or possibly thousands of lives, and how the navy transformed Portsmouth harbour, expanding Whale Island and Horsea Island with the spoil from the new dry docks.

The navy meant plenty of jobs but the town was still poor and individuals like Aggie Weston of the Sailors’ Rests and Father Dolling at St Agatha’s became prominent local heroes. Another less well known fact was the existence of 28 corset factories, providing vital work and income for sailors wives.

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