May 7, 2020|News

Planning Your Own Wickham History Walk

Government advice is to take your exercise locally – so why not plan your own ‘Wickham History’ trail?

There are 12 history boards at 10 locations in the village – have you seen them all, or any of them?

There are boards in the Square, on the Parish Noticeboard and by Havelock/Wentworth house; on Lilly’s wall; on the alley wall by Byrne Runciman; outside the Chesapeake Mill; three on the Village Green (opposite the Church) and two in the Water Meadows – one by the Winchester Road bridge and one by the footbridge.  In addition there is one at the Station Car Park and another outside the Community Centre on the Parish Noticeboard.

You could plan your walk to take in a couple each day, or do them all in one go.  Remember to keep your 2 metre distance from any others doing the same!

If you cannot go out then why not take a ‘virtual tour‘ from the comfort of your armchair?

For a more detailed history walk, our Guide to Historic Wickham 2nd Edition, on sale in Pages for £2.50, has lots more information about the Square, Bridge Street, the Church, Glebe, Water Meadows and Fareham Road.

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