July 31, 2019|Reports

Summer Visit to Eling Tide Mill

The first of our two summer visits was to the Eling Tide Mill, one of only two working tide mills remaining in England today which we are lucky to have close by on the Solent.

In early July, WHS and WS members joined the tour around the current mill (dating back to 1785) explaining how the mill was powered by the tide to turn the millstones and also haul up the sacks of corn.

The mill has a link to William of Wykeham through its long ownership by Winchester College which he founded in the fourteenth century. The mill still grinds wholemeal flour (on sale in the shop) and has a very interesting visitor centre, opened in 2018. The mill, museum, café and newly opened river walks made for a really enjoyable outing in a lovely setting.

If you would like to visit the Mill please see their website.

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