May 29, 2017|Reports

Wickham History Society: Annual Report 2016 -2017  

Chair’s Introduction:

A written report, in addition to the financial report, is an innovation but there have been many activities which merit a report.  We hope that you might want to get involved with some of the projects and contribute to or use our archives and website. Do encourage others to join the Society too.

Membership, Talks, Walks and Summer Visits

Last summer’s visits to the Watercress Line and Stansted House (part of the 2015/6 programme) were well supported by WHS and Wickham Society Members. For the first time we ran 3 Wickham Village History walks for residents (free for WHS members). As well as history walks for other societies we also provided one for Wickham Music Festival goers which proved very popular. This provided useful additional income for the Society and we thank all the volunteers leading and supporting the walks.

The talks programme, concluding tonight at the AGM, was well supported and  six of the eight speakers were from Wickham – the topics ranged from Copenhagen to Bursledon via Bridge Street ! A special mention must go to Nick Stoodley’s talk on Saxons in the Meon Valley which was “standing room only”. Thanks to Jane Painter and Brian Barrett for organising the Speakers and a special mention to Olive Hathaway and her team of tea and coffee volunteers – it makes all the difference to be able to finish with a brew and a chat. We ended the programme year with 41 members and now have 58 – a 41% increase!  And we had X visitors.

Wickham History Society on the web

Thanks to Mike Hollis we are now on the internet and at minimal cost. This has been a huge benefit to the society. We can advertise and take bookings for our events, supply an on line archive catalogue and provide information on local buildings, people and events. Have you got a story to add ?

Exhibition and Archive Space

With the help of a grant from Cllr Stallard and support from Wickham Community Centre Wickham History Society now has it’s archives available to the community.  The archives and exhibition space are outside the Stan Woodford Room on the first floor (lift access) at the Community Centre.

We are grateful to Ron Burt, Janet Bowater and Neale Fray for donations to the archives this year. If you have old photos, stories or documents you could contribute originals or copies please do. Similarly we always welcome exhibition ideas – exhibitions so far have included Remembrance Day, Christmas Angels, historic glassware, snow in Wickham and currently, Easter and Spring Thanks to Mike, Maggie, David and Jane for our exhibitions.

Guide to Historic Wickham

The Guide to Historic Wickham has been a sell out! Mike did a great job in pulling together an enormous amount of information about Wickham from Brian, Barrie and our archives in record time, producing the first detailed Guide to Wickham ever produced. Thank you to Wickham Parish Council who funded its production.

Events and Projects

Wickham Fete (David Smith, Geoff, Jane and Maggie Smith in knightly attire – Jane still needs surgery to remove the arrow)… Wickham Parish Assembly…Taste of Wickham…Wickham Primary School History project….History questions for the Easter Egg Hunt . We are actively involved in village life and now have exhibition boards we can take to events.  Thanks to Doug Copeland, Barrie Marson, David, Maggie and Geoff for giving up their weekends and evenings to help out, and Jane particularly for her designs.

Our Latin Transcription project started in February 2017 – we are beginning to translate manorial and borough court records and land deeds and are planning a training session and “crib sheets” of standard phrases.

Future Projects for 2017….

  • A new edition of the Guide to Historic Wickham – revised and updated with new information
  • “Beverley Babes” at the Church Fete
  • Historic Maps of Wickham for the Archives and Website
  • Brand new “Old Photos of Wickham” publication
  • Joint project with the Parish Council seeking funding for a Wickham History Boards and “QR” Trail
  • New varied village walks programme
  • Expanded talks and visits programme

In Conclusion

I hope you enjoyed this year’s programme and are able to come on our summer visits and rejoin in autumn for a new series of talks. If you would like to get involved in any of our projects, use the archives or contribute an article or items for an exhibition do get in touch with any Committee member.

Geoff Phillpotts – Chair, Wickham History Society. May 2017,

Secretary: Jane Painter,    Treasurer: Maggie Smith,    Website Editor: Mike Hollis,

Brian Barrett, Barrie Marson, Doug Copeland and David Smith.

Do you have something to contribute to the society?