December 8, 2022|Reports

“Domestic Technology: We Had One of Those!” – Stephen Hoadley

Sixty members of the Wickham Society and History Society came to our Christmas get together on Tuesday 6th December. As well as Christmas refreshments, they had an opportunity to go down memory lane with Stephen Hoadley who reminded us about all those essential household appliances of the mid to late twentieth century – the Kenwood Chef, the Hoover: ‘It beats as it sweeps as it cleans’ and the New World gas cooker. Now taken for granted these really did transform lives.

Stephen also mentioned a few less successful innovations – the nineteenth century carpet cleaner powered by a small child frantically pulling a lever back and forward might be ready for a come back now we are focussed on renewable energy? There was a lively discussion as members came up with their old favourites still in service at home.

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