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Wickham National School – Extracts from the Log Book

We are fortunate to have access to the logbooks of Wickham National School from c1864-1900.

Below is an extract taken from a logbook for a few days in a chilly February.

February 1864

Feb 19th 10.30am Finished hearing children repeat their Hymns, which time with 2 hours on Monday morning spent in learning them makes 3¼ hours this week. Cautioned children of 1st Class to say their other lessons perfectly on Sunday & commenced secular lessons.

10.45am commenced hearing 2nd Class repeat their Sunday lessons. Bitterly cold in the room this morning 1st Class boys and girls quite unable to write without coming to the fire occasionally to warm their fingers. Scarcely able to hold the pen to write myself. Snow falling. The younger children shivering, complaining of toothache, quite impossible to keep up the attention of children to their lessons. Obliged to keep every window & ventilator closed so that the atmosphere of the room is perfectly unfit to breathe in.

11.15am sent the boys to play. I feel it my bounden duty on behalf of the children as well as myself here to state that I have repeatedly complained to the Rev. R.Parker of the exceedingly cold state of the room mornings in spite of keeping up any size fire to warm it. The reply on one occasion (the last one) was “NONSENSE” and that it must be fancy on my part in thinking any draught of cold air can be felt from the “state of the roof”.

Feb 22nd 10am atmosphere of the room very close and impure. Henry Lacey taken ill suddenly with vomiting. William Edney feeling sick and unwell, soon after was obliged to go home. Sent the 2nd Class to the playground on account of the unpleasant odour in the room arising from H.Lacey’s nausea.

Feb 23rd 11am Air of the room very close and unpleasant.Afternoon told the children to bring their Prayer Books to attend Divine Service to-morrow.

Feb 24th A few of the boys & girls attended Divine Service, being unable to go myself on account of suffering from toothache. Three of the boys complaining of toothache.

Feb 25th Exceedingly cold in the school this morning, children coughing & sneezing continually. Toothache still prevalent.
Afternoon Examined Standard III in Arithmetic. Eleven boys present.
1st sum Addition 2416 + 305 + 7049 + 4003
2nd do Subtraction 3418 – 349
3rd do Division 4672 ÷ 9
10 worked the first sum right. 11 the 2nd and 10 the 3rd one correctly.

The Wickham National School Log Book were in the possession of the Rector in 1981. They have since been deposited in the Hampshire County Archives.

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