May 7, 2020|

Wickham Fair – All the fun of the fair!

Wickham Fair day – 20th May – was a great day in the village. The horse-drawn caravans were beautifully painted – they were owned by real Romany people. They were not allowed into the Square until the church clock struck 12 noon, then they’d gallop the horses and caravans in, to try to get the best sites.

Wickham Fair 1930s


The Romany Gypsies carried baskets of lace, etc.  and went from house to house saying, “Cross my palm with silver, Lady, and I’ll tell your fortune“, and “you’ve got a lucky face“.

Marjorie Millicent Knight b.1912

Some pictures through the years…

Wickham Fair – Wall Brothers’ set of Gallopers, early 1930s.   Note the ice-cream seller to the left with Pages cycle and newsagents shop behind.


Wickham Fair 1965


Wickham Fair 2000 – Meteorite ride


Wickham Fair 2017 – Dick Warwick

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