May 7, 2020|

May Day Celebrations in Wickham

Marjorie’s Memories

When I think of Wickham I like to remember it as it was in the days of my childhood.

Local children from the 1920s


On May Day each year, we collected wild flowers and made garlands.   We went to the houses of the local gentry to sing to them and they gave us a penny each.  Our song was:

“Garland, garland, May day morning,

Please Mam remember me,

For the first of May is Garland Day.

Good morning, ladies and gentlemen,

I wish you all good day.

I’m very pleased to see you

Because it’s the first of May.”

We also danced around the Maypole in the village Square.

Marjorie Millicent Knight b.1912



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