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James Dunn, Frith Farm

Retirement of Mr James Dunn

This week saw the retirement of Mr. James Dunn after fifty years of devoted and loyal service at Frith Farm. He joined the late Mr. A.E. Roberts at the farm in early 1907. First he did general farm work, but was soon attracted to looking after farm vehicles and equipment. He took special pride in keeping lorries and tractors in top working order and appearance.

The day started off when Mr. Roberts rang his bell. The whistle was blown for breaks. He was a most fair and considerate employer and all on the farm were wonderfully happy.

To mark this special occasion, the company and staff presented him with a Slide projector to enable him and Mrs Dunn to keep in touch with their son, Sheldon who emigrated to Australia last year. He received a letter of appreciation presented to him by the three daughters of Mr Roberts (Mrs. Joan Auturi, Mrs. Betty Rudd and Mrs. Mary Mays) together with a photograph of the occasion.

“Ever faithful, ever true” was the characterisation of the friend who stood by Mr. Roberts side in good times and in bad, and helped Frith Farm develop form a small struggling enterprise into one known far and wide. It wa their combined effort which helped Frith Farm make significant contribution during the war, under circumstances which were both challenging and happy, and it was right that Jim was named a Director in the limited company of the farm.

As his daughters say “For his thousands of days of toil, in sunshine and shower, for his unswerving loyalty and dependability, this token of appreciation is offered by those who know Mr. Roberts would wish his friend to be remembered on this very special occasion.”

— D.A.W.

From St Nicholas Parish magazine February 1977

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