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Captain James Robert Mosse

James Robert Mosse was born in 1745 and died in 1801. He was a military hero who was killed at the Battle of Copenhagen during the Napoleonic Wars and is remembered on a memorial stone in St Nicholas Churchyard, Wickham.

James married Ann Grace Kinchin, daughter of the Reverend Stephen Kinchin, of Stoke Charity on 16 March 1780 at Deane, Hampshire. They lived in Wickham and had six children.

In 1799 Mosse was appointed Captain of HMS Monarch under the overall command of Admiral Nelson. On 2 April the Battle of Copenhagen began. Captain Mosse played a leading role in the battle, with his ship leading the British line into battle. During the battle, Captain Mosse lost his life.

Buried at sea, the Government erected a joint monument in the crypt of St Paul’s Cathedral, London to Mosse and another naval hero, Edward Riou, who also fell in the Battle of Copenhagen.

There is a memorial stone to Captain Mosse in St Nicholas Churchyard which also marks the grave of his wife and one of his children.

In memory of James Robert Mosse, who was killed while commanding

HMS Monarch at the Battle of Copenhagen April 1801 age 46.

Anne Grace Mosse, relict of the above, who departed this life Jan 21 1843 age 30,

also Margaret Mosse, daughter of the above, died 26 July 1866 age 77

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Captain Mosse’s last letter to his wife is both illuminating and touching.

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