Data Privacy Policy: Archive Accessions

Who we are and how to contact us

Wickham History Society (WHS) is an unincorporated local history society with charitable objectives run by volunteers. Its purpose is to promote interest in local history and particularly in the history of Wickham through talks, visits, exhibitions, publications and archives. You can contact us through the contact form on our website:

What personal data we collect for the archives and what we will do with this data

We hold personal information and photographs about individuals in our archives. These may be hard copy, soft copy or both. This is publicly available information held for educational and research purposes (open data) but any reasonable restrictions made when donated on the release of personal data made or that apply due to legislation will apply (closed data). We will also ask for your consent to retain your contact details so that we can get in touch with you about your donation or any issues arising from the material you have donated.

What we will do with the data

WHS will use this data to keep in touch with you. We will use open archive information for educational and research purposes, making it available on line and in print. We do not share your contact data with other organisations without your consent. You can ask to have your data deleted at any time.

How we will store the data

WHS will store your contact data on a password protected database held by our archivist. “Closed” archive data will be held on a password protected site and hard copy material will be held in a locked cabinet, with access for Committee members only.

How can I submit a ‘Subject Access Request’?

You can submit a subject access request by writing to Wickham History Society through our website contact form.

Will this privacy policy be updated?

WHS regularly reviews its policies, including its privacy policy, and may make changes from time to time.

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